1. Ann Stanton Ann Stanton United States says:

    I went with my sister for 3 months to DaVita Dialysis for 2 days a week and another sister took her 1 day.  We sat for 3-4 hours each day while the machine ran the blood through.  Many days were terrible with bells ringing and problems occurring.  I called it forced TV watching because that's about all you could do.  My sister could not have signed up for the in-home dialysis because she lived alone and had other medical problems including chronic diarrhea and had two cats.  After switching to a closer DaVita center in Pittsburgh, she developed a staph infection in her CVC after only one week there.  We were going to switch her back when we noticed their unsanitary issues at that clinic but it was too late.  She ended up in the hospital and got through the infection after three weeks in the ICU but received a continuation of very poor care at various other long-term facilities over the next six months.  She finally was able to get to the point of receiving rehab but after two weeks at a Pittsburgh nursing home, she was found very hypoglycemic but the RN gave her an oral medication while she was unresponsive rather than the doctor-ordered glucagon injection.  She ended up on life support for three months in a vegetative state because of an anoxic brain injury, most probably due to the respiratory arrest they caused.  I removed her from life support so she could die but I continue my quest for better healthcare.  This is what I think of dialysis...it can very easily kill you.

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