1. Jim Jim United States says:

    What is one supposed to do if one has to eat lunch, and then attend a function?  Carry the toothbrush with him so that he can excuse himself to the restroom and go brush an hour later?  Or do these dentists expect somebody to go out with horrible breath?  GEESH.  "sucking the juice from an orange segment is bad for teeth."  Okay, that's real good.  I think I'll swallow an orange whole.

    • Jonathan Jonathan United Kingdom says:

      I agree with the other poster, people don't stay at home all day with access to a sink, running water, toothpaste and a toothbrush, THEY HAVE LIVES. What If I'm at school, what happens then?

    • Leah Leah United States says:

      As was already said, you're only recommended to brush your teeth at the start and end of the day, not after lunch. Other dentists have actually begun to say that brushing teeth doesn't even really help bad breath besides covering it up, and if that's what you're concerned about as opposed to the health of your teeth, then breath mints are probably a safer bet anyways. Since this is actually telling you NOT to brush your teeth after meals, I'm taking your comments to mean that you actually do already? Honestly, in the middle of the day, flossing and a breath mint will probably do you far more good than brushing your teeth.

    • Adam. Adam. Australia says:

      Just chew gum you poms.

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