1. T Timu T Timu New Zealand says:

    This study hasn't been confirmed in the intervening years.  More importantly, the Iowa Women's Health Study, a well-designed and carefully conducted prospective cohort study with a 31,336 study population, found no such thing.  (abstract here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11817612)

    Their findings:  4 or more cups of decaf coffee had a risk of RA just over 2x that of the normal population.   Normal coffee and tea did not change the risk at all.

    I am posting this here because some naturopath has published an article in our local newspaper declaring that tea consumption is associated with RA.  (She is also marketing her own brand of herbal tea).  Life is difficult enough for people with RA without being put off drinking tea or coffee in normal amounts.

    TLDR:  This study's results appear to have been a one-off.  Since the study is not named and I can't find it, I can't comment on  its design, but I suspect the design contains weaknesses that have led to confounding of the result.

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