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  1. Russell Wuertz Russell Wuertz United States says:

    Modern Latin is what the state Universities use.  Since the 16th century.   Yale would be different using Old Latin or Middle Latin, and is not what anyone has classes for.

    The Modern Latin meaning for "Virus" is a slimy liquid, or in my opinion, the reason for a pimple, chicken pox, small pox, cow pox.  Nitric acid, has been a problem ever since we did what was not allowed and pumped up crude oil.  The nitric acid from coal oil is the worst of all the acids we have, without the word cataylst being what we know, and how much it does not dilute, but comes back into its origional form and strength.  

    The experts eliminating this acid from effecting us today is the reason our teeth don't rot, and our children all don't have acne.

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