1. Kalli Snæ Kalli Snæ Sweden says:

    I would be lying if I said I didn't like ignorance & stupidity - sometimes -, well, at least just for the fun of it. But coupled with misinformation resulting in harmful consequences like this study points to - playing with ignorance and denying good science is not so funny anymore, but deadly serious.
    Best part about this article is, if you haven’t noticed, what's really not said in the article itself. Just 2 people sharing it at GMT 10:30 of 1182 readers on the site, around 0.2% of readers.
    If Dutras and Glantz sharing are not counted for then there are 0 real sharing this article. That's pure enjoyment isn’t it? Just like the fact, according to CDC, that exclusive youth smokers have declined drastically as never before in history since introduction of the e-cig, down to just 4%.  Rejoice.
    But, I didn't see any mention of that fact anywhere in this article. But, isn't that the real beauty we should be rejoicing instead of trying to play some acrobatics with statistics, logic or common sense trying to proof that fact a failure?
    That's just misinforming intentionally and harmfully. Does it really matter if it is e-cigs, nicotine patches, gums or better informed kids, or anything else for that matter, that causes youth choosing a real gateway from the cigarette smoke? The fact is before everyones eyes that while use of e-cigs has skyrocketed the prevalence of smoking has declined drastically to historic low levels, not matter what explanation we choose to lye behind that beauty.
    Of course we cant’ see or state that decline, in youth smoking prevalence, is caused by e-cigs or not, but to use acrobatics of pure imagination to try to explain that away does not either.
    Well, maybe it can, if the blind spot on science on this globe of ours has moved to UC California, but that would really be a grim fairytale wouldn’t it?

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