1. jamie lowry jamie lowry United States says:

    If i had a choice i would have loved to have been taller than what i am.Growing up i was always way down the pecking order.I am now 19 and my height is only 4'9 that is short for a guy i know.I used to hate the height measurements done in high school has i was usually one of the shortest in my year.I have 3 sisters that are between the ages of 21 and 27 and they all ended up short has well their heights are 4'7 4'9 and 5'0.Our 16 yr old brother is up to my height and i think he may get a bit taller than me.Both our parents are average height but they both didnt know they carried a gene that could affect our heights.When we have our pics taken our parents are at the back followed by all the children.I suppose at least it wasnt just me being short but all of us,I would have loved the chance of having ght but i was told that it might not work.What i dont like is the name calling i think me and Joe get it the worse has we are guys.People dony realise how old i am and i hear people saying HAW isnt he cute.It isnt nice i get patted on the head and called shrimp and midget.It isnt good.

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