... in response to COVID-19 and Diarrhea
  1. Elisa Jones Elisa Jones United Kingdom says:

    I do believe there may be validity and truth to this research. In early Jan-20 I had a mysterious unidentified virus whereby symptoms were fever / shivers, severe diarrhoea, full loss of appetite, heavy fatigue and light breathlessness and all symptoms lasted intensively for 2 weeks. My appetite, stool patterns and energy levels took 2 months to gradually return to normal. Whilst stools were tested at time there was no covid testing then. GP told me some viruses are not known about so whilst I accepted that it troubled me as never been so ill since having chickenpox when 30 and so when covid declared itself I started to wonder was it that? I therefore follow research based on my symptoms as I do instinctively believe that maybe it reacts with certain body types this way. But then it was too early for covid? I effectively quarantined as I was too ill to go to work for 2+ weeks and live alone so didn't appear to pass it on. All a bit of a mystery and will never know for sure but wanted to blog about it as never usually an option to. I am a 50 year old female. Keep up the research!

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