1. Alan Schmukler Alan Schmukler United States says:

    An excellent article that introduces the concept of harm from microwave radiation. The wireless industry has been working very hard to hide the danger, but the jury is now in. Hundreds of studies show damage from exposure to these frequencies. the latest were the NTP study and the Ramazzini institute study which found that cell phone radiation caused specific kinds of cancer. That is the same frequency (900 Mghz) emitted by smart meters which the government is permitting to be placed on every home in the country.  The meters  expose the resident to 160 times the radiation of a cell phone by virtue of delivering whole body radiation 24 hours a day.  Now the wireless industry is installing 5G transmitters on every block which will expose everyone frequencies exceeding 80 GHZ.  The FCC is in league with the wireless industry, so there's no one watching out for the health and safety of the population. In addition, Wifi in schools is slowly destroying the health of all those innocent children.  Check out this article in the Nation to grasp the level of corruption involved in all of this:   www.thenation.com/.../

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