1. Bryan Phillips Bryan Phillips United States says:

    Doomed? How do you think a homosexual is born? Most often it takes a hetero man and woman to create this child. Most likely it is a trait that is inherited and passed down and you could very well be someone who creates a homosexual child because you possess the genes that make it happen. Now passing on those genes does not make said child gay. We are now studying epigenetics which are markers that influence genes. Usually identical twins have the same sexual orientation. This is good proof of it being biological. But sometimes they do not have the same orientation. It is where we begin to look at these markers that influence genes to explain why sometime these twins can have different orientations. I don't think we will ever be able to pinpoint all the ingredients that make a homosexual. I have a serious problem with your comparison of homosexuality to murder and incest. That alone discredits your whole view on the subject. Then your irrational spout of being doomed if we allow homosexuals to donate sperm? Guess what. Homosexuals have been making straight babies for some time now. Where have you been? It's just as well since it took two straight people to make a homosexual.

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