1. Jen Jen United Kingdom says:

    I've only just found these sites about the thyroid scandal. I've seen various doctors over the last 3 years with classic symptoms, weight gain, constantlethargy, sleep problems. aches and pains, dry skin, eyebrows falling out, raised cholesterol, hoarse throat, brain fog etc etc. Each time the doc suspects hypothyroid but when the tests come back 'normal' (TSH has varied from 2 to 2.4), says no treatment, just more tests for other stuff which of course also comes back normal.The same thing happened to my Mum some years ago, she finally got into the 'zone' for treatment, but only after many years suffering with thyroid symptoms.
    I've had enough, I want my life back, so I'm going to look for a private doctor or failing that I may reluctantly be forced to try self medication. I see that those GP's that do try to help patients are persecuted by the medical establishment. What a disgrace.

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