1. Shye Shye United States says:

    My husband has all the side effects that i've read from above even he stopped for weeks now and just tonight we had a very intense fight that started from a very small details regarding our children then it came to a point that he is very agitated and then took the rifle with him and telling my children goodbye and he will take his own life. He never say this before because he find ti very stupid, crazy or is sick in the head if a person is thinking of having a suicide.Good thing my 4 yr old son stopped him and my 2 yr old daughter as well, plus I cried my heart out just to stopped him not to do it. Everything is a hell in the house the day he was taking this and until now that he is free from the tablet. I came to a point to research to what is causing him with all these strange behaviours and found out all the effects from the tablets after taking he was taking this from over 3 months. Please don't take this tablet! This is crazy! Everyday is a war in the house and full of sadness and screaming!

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