1. Jess h Jess h Australia says:

    There is a great deal of research been going on into the different functions of stem cells, of which is useful to other diseases that are not life threatening, for instance ross river fever-virus. As an example, a relatively new treatment for Ross river virus which has long since been recognised as untreatable through medicine, now has the drug pentosan polysulfate sodium being trialled that seems to enhance stem cell activation through promotion of certain biological signals and blocking of others. New medical research is finding that diseases that were once considered by health professionals as “all in our heads” due to past inadequate scientific research, that were not able to be correlate and associate long term disease to past viral infection, due to no treatment or ‘cures’ available - obviously lacked relevant scientific research and these hidden research mysterious are now coming to light. Ross river virus is more recently being associated with development of muscular skeletal disease. Research trials have showed pentosan polysulfate can improve long term recovery outcomes for people with ongoing rrv, by altering muscular skeletal disease - a disease that has been widely accepted by the government and medical association as being non-existent even though individuals who become infected with ross river virus develop long term muscular skeletal disease, which we call flare ups of symptoms that seem to be induced by a response by poor immune system homeostasis.

    Perhaps you could write a story about how different stem cells might help in the future and what types of diseases could benefit from stem cell oriented therapy.

    I know many people with fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and different types of mosquito virus infections would be greatly interested in reading coherent and well researched news on this matter.

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