1. Erin HOLLING Erin HOLLING United States says:

    Two minutes after the first dose of Moderna I received started to feel dizzy and change in sharpness of vision.  I am 38 years old without bad habits, I do not eat fast food and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Over the next three hours, I developed heart attacks similar to a strong squeezing of the heart in a vise (before vaccination, there were no heart problems).  The most intense inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck towards the ear began.  The lymph inflammation lasted for 4 days.  It was accompanied by severe pain when swallowing saliva.  Heart attacks were critically strong during the first three to four hours after the first injection.  Then something happened that I did not understand.  As if a ball with something would explode inside me and the wave swept all over my body.  After that, I had a sharp breakdown, I could not get out of the car, my husband carried me out in his arms.  I started to get very cold at 89F (I live in Florida).  This lasted for several hours.  Of course, there were pains in the muscles of the arms.  The strangest thing is that strange heart attacks coming from anywhere did not leave me and are sometimes observed sometimes during a walk on the street.  4 weeks have passed, but I have continued sudden dizziness, as a result of one I fell and broke my eyebrow.  On May 15, I need to do a second dose and it scares me a lot.  I visited a cardiologist, they made me an electro dwarf gram, which showed that everything was fine with me.  In this case, the cardiologist does NOT recommend detailing the second shot of the vaccine.  He appointed me a wider ultrasound examination of the heart. I measure my blood pressure every day and it varies 100-110 BPM.

    • Ann Zay Ann Zay United States says:

      Hello! If you were advised not to get the 2nd dose, what are your options to get fully vaccinated? Did they want you to restart a series with a different vaccine?

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