1. Michael Glass Michael Glass Australia says:

    Ever since goodness knows when, people have been debating circumcision. If the foreskin was such a threat, how come countries that have widespread infant circumcision don't do better in life expectancy.

    Take Israel. Male life expectancy is high: 81.98 years, according to Worldometer. However, male life expectancy is even higher in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Australia and Singapore. Switzerland, Hong Kong and Iceland generally don't circumcise their boys.

    What about infant death rates? The World Bank gives Israel an infant death rate of 3 per thousand. However, Monaco had 1 per thousand and countries that had a death rate of 2 per thousand included Estonia, Japan, Singapore, Slovenia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belarus, Luxembourg, Italy, Czechia and Cyprus. Portugal, Korea, Spain and Lithuania were also listed before Israel in the World Bank list.

    Regardless of any pathogens that may be lurking beneath the foreskin, that fact does not give Israel the lowest infant death rate in this data.

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