1. Allan Frankel Allan Frankel United States says:

    I seriously doubt this has much to do with pharmaceutical companies directly. Dr. Jennings's work includes "Marijuana Rehabilitation". Dr. Jennings does not discuss this, but when you call his "center" and talk about cannabis rehabilitation they are very quick to say they do a lot of it and their website certainly looks like a lot of their work is in fact rehab related, so this is all about his losing business. At the very least, he should have been up front about his work. He left this out for obvious reasons.

    So, since cannabis "rehab", particularly in the under 21 group is used as a manipulative tool to keep kids from juvenile hall, Dr. Jennings, his clinic and all clinics treating "cannabis addiction" will go away - as they should.

    Dr. Jennings is not being intellectually honest. I work daily with nationally renowned psychiatrists and neurologists who are very interested in cannabidiol rich cannabis medicine. This is where cannabis becomes a medicine without any question. CBD rich medicines are already in the pharmaceutical world as whole plant extracts. These medications are awesome and legal in six countries. Please check out: http://sativex.com.

    Our own US Government, patented CBD, cannabidiol, in cannabis. Look up:
    United States Patent #6630507  

    In the bowels of this patent are nearly 150 other cannabis patents. The Feds have sold 19 licenses to pharma and pharma is already off and running all over the world to figure out how to cash in on this "new" fever. Perhaps stoners are burning Ganja to get where they want, but the Feds and Pharma are burning rubber to get to the golden pot. (pun intended AND gold is the color of the extracted medicine, not green or brown.

    We are now able to work with psychiatric colleagues and neurological colleagues helping thousands of patients with dosed CBD/THC/Terpene - i.e. WHOLE PLANT MEDICINE.

    Israel is using very low THC strains to treat anxiety and PTSD and this same strain, with less THC than hemp is VERY effective in many psychiatric disorders.

    As a physician practicing Internal Medicine, psychopharmacology and cannabis medicine for over 34 years, I have seen been helped and hurt by nearly everything.

    I believe that of course there is a place for Pharmaceuticals in treating mood disorders. As i am comfortable with Psych meds and CBD, I can see and use both in my practice. I still write prescriptions for SSRI and other meds for various mood disorders, but only if/when cannabinoid meds are not adequate.

    Often they can/should be combined.

    CBD has been patented and many clinical trials currently exist to prove it's efficacy. Combining it's use with whole plant technology, both the pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical extract makers are making very similar medications and the vast majority of physicians believe that cannabis has something to offer.

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