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  1. NageshKumar Silla NageshKumar Silla India says:

    this is the same case for my mother as well
    she cant climb stairs, cant get up from floor sitting position and requires lot of support and lot of effort to overcome these actions
    off-course, walking would be easy for her but problem comes while climbing stairs, getting into bus,getting into train, getting up from sitting position
    her walking style also changed (in lingering manner). we have approached several doctors from past 5 to 6 years. but no use and diagnosis stated that she is being suffering from myopathy (after examining small piece of her muscle part from her left thigh), this will be done only at NIMANHs, Bangalore only (I dont know about rest of India)
    Doctors, said, there is no treatment apart from doing pysyhiotherypy for rest of her life and some chance of improvement
    we even joined in one of the nature cure institute located at bangalore-but no improvement despite undergoing for several theripies like acupunture, mud therepy and etc

    our only hope is to consult auyervedic or some old traditional method that could be available at Kerala, I heard many of these kind were treated at kerala
    so, please help me if you have any information if you can get from your friends belongs to Kerala

    my phone number :- +919986251531

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