1. Joanne Taylor Joanne Taylor Australia says:

    I started using champix as its known in Australia 14 days ago.  At first it was just feeling sick, very very tired and very thirsty, also had diarohea.  By day 8 I had started to get flu like symptoms - waves of uncontrollable shivering, very depressed & teary, no motivation, no appetite (its now Tuesday and I haven't eaten since Saturday).  Pfizer state that this is nicotine withdrawal however I WAS STILL SMOKING!  I have quit cold turkey before and never ever felt like this.  I have been smoking since I was 8 yrs old - am now 50.  By the time I went to the doctors on day 15 I had a fever of 38.5, could not work, almost broke up with my partner.  One day after not taking them and I feel 100% better than what I did.  Pfizer needs to take some responsibility for the people that have adverse reactions to their wonder drug.  They say they care about people dying of smoking related disease, however I think it's more about the billions that their wonder drug has made them.  I would much rather drop dead from smoking than ever touch this evil little blue tablet again!

    • Karen Karen South Africa says:

      I have been taking Champix from the 2nd of Sept 2011 and have been smoke free for 33 days now, appart from feeling very tired I must say I have had no side effects to date. Be sure to know if any do accure. I think that maybe Champix should have gone through the same screening as Zyban originlly did. If you had any history of depression or eating disorders you could not get a prescription. Maybe this way they would have been able to determine whether the people talking about depression after taking the medicine did not suffer from it in the first place.

    • Anne Anne Norway says:

      I have also Struggled with flu like symptoms after starting with Champix. Fever, muscle aches, sinuspain and dry cough. It has lasted for 10 days now and I am not getting better.. No appetite. Smell nor taste.. Tired. Is it just the flu or a side-effect?  I quit smoking but that is the only positive.

    • Madeleine Schoevers Madeleine Schoevers South Africa says:

      I had exactly the same symptoms in exact sequence and days. Day 19 I thought I was going to die. I couldn't sleep. Shaking, heart pulvitations.  Decided to go to doctor and didn't take morning pill. By time I got to see doctor I was wondering why I was there as I felt much better. I was mean to my kids, broke engagement and thought of taking my life. I will rather smoke than go through that again.

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