1. Janet Morton Janet Morton United Kingdom says:

    For 20 years I suffered with hypothyroidism after the birth of my youngest child.  Due to the TSH test I have been denied treatment even though I showed many clinical signs of the illness, and have gradually got worst  over the years.  I have been referred to several consultants for conditions due to the hypothyroid symptoms, what a waste of NHS resources and a waste of my life too.  I have been swollen up and having difficulty walking, I couldn't get out of the bath, my memory was gone, but all the GP wanted to know was the TSH figures, 5.5 is 'normal'!!  In America they get treatment at 3.0 and in Germany the threshold is 2.5, in the UK it is 10.0!!  Who is the joker that decided that one!   Thank heavens I found my way to getting a diagnosis and treatment and now I am getting so much better.

    I have been back in the garden this year trying to catch up on years of neglect, and feeling much more like myself again.  I feel so sorry for the people who are still struggling, I see them in town when I go shopping and feel guilty that I have got my health and they are getting worst.  You will have to consider me the one who escaped with my life, and just be satisfied that there are plenty others out there who know no better and will soon pass on - enjoy!

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