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  1. Sarrah Joseph Sarrah Joseph United Kingdom says:

    I don't agree that it's to do with the parents lifestyle whilst pregnant. I also don't believe it is linked with a head injury. It is genetic and it is also a phenomenal occurrence like any other differences or traits a functioning person would have. I have noticed that a lot of people with ADHD have slightly predominate frontal lobes, which could be linked to the extra activity in their brain.

    People with ADHD are catorgrised in the same way as people with mental health disorders or vice versa. It is not a disorder and should not be viewed upon in the same catagory as a psychopathical condition, schizophrenia or even autistism. It is extremely important that this is understood.

    The ADHD trait is certainly a difference in the functioning of the brain, but this I believe is the progressive evolution of the modern brain. Needless to say it doesn't mean that those who don't have ADHD are less intelligent. Its more the case that those with ADHD are here to show another perspective to life a different way of progressive thinking.

    As a person with ADHD I can spot a fellow ADHD person instantly and it's a rare occurrence. These people are mainly upbeat, very much full of life and very sensitive. Our brains work very fast because we absorb more then one thought and visual image at a time. We pick up on other people's emotions, as we are highly empathatic. The issue is that at times we dont function  because we get frustrated with the world because we see a different way of being.

    A lot of people are misdiagnosed as I've met a few and I'm appalled with their incorrect assessment. The definition that ADHD is a mental disorder has to stop!!. It is certainly not a mental health disorder that stems from a mothers neglect or a young persons own health abuse. I've met people misdiagnosed and labelled with ADHD when I can clearly see they have something but it's is not ADHD.

    People with ADHD are born with the trait, the person may not know this. And because it is not a common trait others will comment on how lazy they are but what they mean to say is that they procrastinate. Laziness and procrastination are two very different habits. An ADHD person will procastinate because they are thinking about a lot of things so they wait for a moment until their minds feel ready to start the task. They are restless and can be overly energetic because they are very unbeat. But unfortunately it is the negative comments from others that generally cause low self esteem and thus result in self medicated habits.

    ADHD minds work at a different pace because they are constantly thinking about life and meaning. They are highly inquisitive which is why they have a need to try out many things so they learn more about the world and people. This is an exceptional trait. ADHD people should be leaders and teachers as they make great role models.

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