1. Teresa Teresa United States says:

    Just so you know God does not literally mean that those partaking in work on the Holy Day should be killed...that is Old Testament. God is saying that those who put their selfish and worldly lives before him shall be dead spiritually. Not physically shooting someone at point blank for doing paperwork, or hanging someone for punching their time card. And as far as women not having a voice, that's a bunch of bull...God did make man before woman, it was woman who sinned first, but it also states things in the bible about men being submissive to women. God does not intend for a man to beat down his wife and for her to walk on egg shells her entire life, but he does want both sexes to be submissive to each other through respect, love, and devotion. Thus one of the reasons he created marriage to be between a man and woman not man and man or woman and women

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