1. A Moeller A Moeller United Kingdom says:

    This seems like the Dark Ages and the Holy Inquisition hunting witches-only this time there is overwhelming scientific evidence against the Romans.

    This reminds me of "All truth goes through 3 stages". I wonder how long it will be until those obsolete statements by the RCP will gather dust on shelves and leave those who issued them, shame-faced.

    I moved to this country with its enlightened medical system two years ago, and started developing clinical signs of hypothyroidism. I was offered Thyroxine, which made me very ill-I learned about T4 toxicity, and likely I am not converting T4 to T3 appropriately. No other option was given to me. I am having to pay huge sums to find help from private doctors and practitioners, get tests done to find out what is the best course of action. Finding someone who will prescribe Armour or similar is probably more difficult than buying heroin here- not to mention the unacceptable shortages of natural thyroid which adds more suffering to those who cannot function without it.

    I had to resort to getting compounded hormone from a pharmacy in Europe which had no shortage issues. Now I will need help in finding correct T3 dosages to sort out my symptoms. The crime: Not responding to the Holy Grail, synthetic thyroxine.
    I hope physicians in this country will find some time to update their training and learn some clinical case taking.
    It's time the rule of the pharma giants stopped and someone started listening to real people.

    I cannot believe institutions like the RCP can carry on with this attitude of arrogance and ignorance in the 21st century.

    The medical establishment will have to wake up quickly because it will soon be hit with an epidemic of metabolic illness it is unprepared to deal with. If Britain wants to avoid having rising amounts of people disabled and on benefits due to appaling diagnosis and treatment, the medical system needs to be upgraded accordingly. Undertreated hypothyroidism leads to an increasing number of diseases with exploding costs for society and untold misery for the patient and their families.

    Environmental toxicity is likely to be one causative factor for hypothyroidism, along with genetic causes and prolonged stress. We are therefore not likely to see less of these problems, but rather much more. Let's hope a new generation of medical professionals will emerge who can live up to their code of ethics. They will not only have to know about ALL medical treatment options, but should ideally understand nutrition and detoxification as well in order to effect prevention of disease rather than practising fire-fighting.

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