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  1. Tiny Tonka Tiny Tonka United States says:

    I have had this condition for many years now and I believe it might be genetic. My case of PR behaves contrary to everything described above as being characteristic of a virus.  I get outbreaks frequently (even though I am not immunocompromised as far as I know), and my first episode lasted for upwards of 6 months, and began creeping towards my face near the end (which it supposedly does only in rare cases).  I use a special soap to keep it at bay and I haven't passed it along to anyone else, including anyone I've shared a bed with. My PR did not show up until my mid/late 20s and, with my most recent episode, my mom told me, "Oh! I used to get that all the time when I was younger." My episodes are not very painful either and only itch mildly and intermittently. The worst itch was with the first herald patch. With recurrences, I don't even get a herald patch anymore.

    • Leslie Hatcher Leslie Hatcher United States says:

      That interesting. I have had them on and off since childhood, and they have never been diagnosed properly. I'm a nurse, and figured this one out doing my own research. They seem to follow a strep infection. If my kids get strep throat, I get a herald patch. I think I am a strep carrier. Definitely a connection here, as strep causes other outward inflammation s/s like scarlet fever, and PANDAS. Do you get strep throat often? Does anyone around you get it often? Strep I mean.

      • V N V N United States says:

        This is my first time with these rashes and diagnosed with pityriasis rosea by the dermatologist. Like you have mentioned, mine started with a strep infection (mid Jan) (doc. prescribed antibiotics before the culture came back saying it's a strep type B), then I had hives that itches all over my limbs 8-9 days after I started the antibiotics. I went to the doctor, they thought I might be allergic to the antibiotics and had me stopped. Then I got these rashes started around end of March.

      • Keri King Keri King United States says:

        OMW, this is so what me and my daughter have. She was diagnosed about a month and half ago with strep throat and then I got this weird outbreak. Now, I know it as the "herald patch". It looked insane and then  I had a weird ring on my arm. Then I had what looked like bug bites all on my leg, my arm, my chest. Then I started noticing my daughter started to get bumps on her. All along none of them itched! AT ALL! We were told it was scabies by a NP which I now know is all wrong. We then went for a second opinion and he suggested that we were miss-diagnosed and told us to resume to normal lifestyle. Then I broke out in the "christmas tree" rash all over my back! Only lasted two days. My daughter has complained of pain and every now and then. Mind you she is only five years old. She gets strep throat often with real light symptoms. I think she is a carrier as well! This all makes sense now. We are on the healing stage. However, I have read that our next stage is aches and pains then to follow with possible peeling? Not 100% sure where I read this. I hope I can keep everyone posted.

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