1. Big K K Big K K United States says:

    So basically this article proves 100% that opioids are of HUGE benefit to those with Chronic Pain like me.  The “so called side effects” of long term use are really nothing more that side effects of the disease that said person has.  the headline for this article is 100% BS and should be changed.  The study proved nothing as far as long term issues with opioids.  I was on about 65mg a day and last bed a pretty darn normal life.  Then the FDA and CDC got their panties in a bunch and I have been put through the ringer since.  I am currently only given 40 mg a day with no extended release medication.  We all know that 12 hour opioids last 6-8 and immediate release last 2-4 not 4-6.  So my days now suck 100% and I have a 11 and 13 year old plus a great wife and I am becoming a burden because some stupid druggies ruined my life.    Leave us alone so we may be productive citizens other wise you will be paying me disability and who pays for that.  Seriously 20 to 50 dollars a month for my medication to live or you pay me 1,600 or so a month from taxpayers money.

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