1. noize filter noize filter Canada says:

    What an irresponsible title for a report/article. Just because whatever they reviewed didn't show the results they were looking for, they have the ignorance to make a blanket statement and label curcumin in general, as non therapeutic?? - how ridiculous. did they even bother to investigate longvida curcumin out of UCLA, which is probably the most advanced form of curcumin to date with the highest stability and bioavailability in blood plasma levels? The United States has an Alzheimers/dementia death rate which is the 2nd worst in the world at 45.58 per 100,000. Now compare those numbers to 0.46 per 100,000 for India.  They consume turmeric in India like the United States consumes sugar.

    • Philomin Josephson Philomin Josephson United States says:

      I am using real turmeric powder that I make  from actual turmeric root, since 2006 for sciatic nerve related back pain that began in 1983. It works within 20 minutes of taking it. I dissolve maximum three teaspoons a day in juice or water, when I have pain as a result of aerobic exercise such as Zumba. I am 67 years old, and still walk 4 miles a day, weight lift and do aerobic exercises every day like a 47 year old would do. The turmeric pills have very little curcumin in it hence it does not work. Buy the the root, puree it and make ice cubes, use an ice cube a day. It is good for your brain health too. You could grow this root in a pot if you are in the cold weather area or if you are in warm weather states, you could grow them in your yard like I do or you could buy it from any Indian grocery stores where they sell vegetables usually found next to ginger.

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