... in response to Fluoride and Pregnancy
  1. K Spencer K Spencer United States says:

    Four out of the five references in this article actually say the opposite, that prenatal fluoride is dangerous to the brain and does not offer any dental benefit.

    Fluoride Alert especially is in the forefront of protesting fluoridation policy as neurotoxic. FAN is part of current multi organization lawsuit in federal court to remove fluoride from water due to neurotoxicity. The dental position of dental benefit is based on dental dogma and discredited data. That over half of American teens have dental fluorosis per government 2011-12 records is beyond alarming. DF is visible evidence of overdose during early childhood and is positively correlated with increased learning disabilities and broken bones. Moreover, these teeth are brittle so DF predicts high dental costs in early adulthood.

    Fluoride is a poison that permanently damages teeth, bones and brains as well as causing damage to other organs and systems.

    • K Spencer K Spencer United States says:

      On closer reading of this article, it seems the author is supportive of modern science opposing fluoride use as unsafe. It's odd that the the article is written the way it is giving the impression in the first few paragraphs that fluoride is a mineral with a bonafide credentials.

      Typically, authors write make their thesis clear in the opening rather than bury it in lots of confusing language towards the end after clearly stating the opposing view.

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