1. Dev Dev United Kingdom says:

    You call Heterosexuality natural and its in animals
    You call Homosexuality unnatural and yet, it is in animals

    Homosexuality and Bisexuality is a sexual release of energy on the same gender, true it may not reproduce life, but yet, clearly hear it is natural because it runs in animals as well, evolution just took its course and some of us still carry this

    It is perfectly natural if it isnt fading away and if homosexuality and bisexuality is unnatural it would be an evolution dead end, but it aint, we are evolving as well, in a slow long process yes, but its happening and it will continue. Homosexuality and Bisexuality (to me) is a beautiful thing, it is an express of love as well as sexual energy. I hold nothing against Heterosexuality as I am Bi but being Bi doesnt change who I am, it doesnt change how my family sees me, its just who I am, and I am proud of it. I do not see it as unnatural, especially not now after I just read that 1,500 species carry it.

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