1. Jessica Lopez Jessica Lopez United States says:

    Thank you all for the information. I was so relieved this morning to see that I was not alone.. I didn't understand why at 12 am. I was waking up to low levels.(42) I had tried to make sense of my eating habits and I attributed the levels to poor eating after 4 yrs of feeling fine. I had a 12 pound weight gain within the last year and I didn't understand how if I ate so little I could be GAINING weight again. I lost 156 bounds and found myself creeping up the scale in the last few months along with the bouts of low level readings. I have began to be fearful because I cannot predict when they are coming on? I understood that during the day it could be "what" I was eating but in the last week the 12 am wake ups to sweating, racing heart beat and confusion and the desperate need for food were becoming regular. I so scared now that I know I can pass out or have seizures. Glucose tabs and a low carb diet are my next move along with informing my doctor of what I read. I have seen her twice and of coarse in the moment my levels were always fine. uhg! Prayers please and I hope to get this under control with the few simple suggestions from here. THANK YOU!

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