1. Jon Jon United States says:

    I fear the previous two comments have missed the whole point of this breakthrough research.

    This shows for the first time that Autoimmune Diseases which have VGKC autoantibodies cause dysfunction to the potassium ion channels of the pain receptors....causing a dysregulating effect in regards to pain felt.
    Previously these diseases were not seen as Chronic Pain givers by the medical literature....the patients always disagreed yet dismissed as complainers...and yet now at last they are vindicated.

    Diseases with VGKC Autoantibodies and thus affected are:
    Peripheral Nerve Hyperexcitability (and its variants)
    Autoimmune Neuromyotonia
    Limbic Encephalitis
    Morvans Syndrome

    Thankyou Liam for posting this news....it is truly fantastic for all these sufferers...that were once told it was all in their head.

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