1. Oscar Blanco Oscar Blanco Costa Rica says:

    I'm worried that my second Pfizer shot has had a negative impact on the ability my body has to fight off a CMV (cytomegalovirus) reactivation I was suffering since early this year.
    I had been able to get my life back (symptoms were extreme fatigue, up to the point of not even being able to sit up for minutes at a time, heart palpitations, gastritis and bloating, fever-like symptoms, headaches, and general malaise).
    Amazingly what took care of the symptoms and allowed my body to get its strength back were basic over-the-counter cold medicines. And I didn't even have to take complete doses. Just a quarter of a daily dose was enough. I didn't want to medicate, since I had to take it every day, and those medicines WILL have long-term effects, especially on the kidneys and liver.
    But a few days after I had my second Pfizer vaccine shot just over two weeks ago, my symptoms slowly started coming back, stronger each time, until I'm only able to barely control them, with twice the amount of cold medicine I was taking a couple of months ago.
    Now I also have slightly blurry vision.
    CMV attacks the brain, eyes (can cause blindness, and that starts with "floaters", blindspots, and blurry vision!), nervous system, digestive system, and circulatory system, including heart failure. Most of the world population has been infected, but very few develop symptoms, most people with an immune depressed system, especially those who take medication to do that, like organ transplant patients or people that are HIV positive.
    CMV is a member of the herpes viruses.
    High levels of stress and anxiety can lower your immune system, that's what happened to me.
    This article ties in with my suspicions that the vaccine could have been the reason why an illness that my body had been able to fight off was suddenly coming back.
    Now I'm worried about long-term effects, and if something I didn't have to worry about anymore, could now become a lot more serious.
    Any medical advice on this?
    I am taking more tests now, and will soon see a specialist. But any additional professional feedback would be very helpful.

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