1. Caroline Caroline South Africa says:

    This medication has worked so well for me. I have been smoking for 12 years and Champix has helped me to stop. The only side effects I had were nausea, insomnia and weird dreams. I was a bit moody but again I think that comes with nicotine withdrawal.

    • Priscilla Priscilla South Africa says:

      Hi Caroline, I have exactly the same side effects as you do. I have noticed that if I don't the pills at the same time every day then it really pulls me down. Very naseous. I am now on day 57 of my treatment and day 45 of being smoke free. People have to be aware of the side affects, that is why it is stated on every medication pack. You need to make people areoung you aware that you are taking medication and they must be extra vigilant for your part on your behavious etc. Anyway, to all those who are still on the road to recovery...good luck.

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