1. Jareb Jager Jareb Jager United States says:

    Since the early 1900’s studies have shown a link between eczema and other allergies and mental health problems.

    To learn that doctors, five, six decades later, did nothing but give my mother ointment for my hands… as I morphed from being a social pariah on the playground into the desolate adult I am today… I wish I didn’t know this. My miserable existence for nearly 70-years is now absolutely intolerable. I have frantically struggled to assemble my shattered life for as long as I can remember. It’s been extremely grueling to escape the label I was given during my early adolescence. I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder and subsequently treated with myriad medications and cocktails for decades that served only to exacerbate the problem. I was never properly diagnosed and treated for the developmental and mental disorders I actually have. I now know that the numerous medical doctors were complicit in this decades-old mistreatment, and this information is too staggering for me to comprehend.

    As an atheist, I consider life a random cause and effect of a cosmic process. And, I’m all right with that. But to have spent my life in such utter pain, loneliness, and misery only to learn that it could have been prevented, or appropriately treated, is so grossly beyond the pale that it mocks my purposeless existence.

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