Automatizing the qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex drugs using NMR

Seminar Overview

This webinar will introduce a technique called 2D heteronuclear single quantum coherence (HSQC) NMR spectroscopy for assessing the quality control of heparin. Currently, this is achieved using 1D NMR spectroscopy, following the indication of international pharmacopoeia.

However, although 1D spectra can help to confirm the chemical structures of biologics, it cannot readily identify variability in its composition between batches, which can occur due to differences in the purification methods used and the extraction source selected.


Guerrini webinar november 28 Kim colson webinar Dr benevelli webinar 28 november

Dr. Marco Guerrini - Institute for Chemical and Biochemical Research

Dr. Kimberly L. Colson - Business Development Manager - Bruker BioSpin Billerica Massachusetts United States

Dr. Francesca Benevelli - Applications Scientist - Bruker

Who should attend

The webinar will be of interest to the following individuals:

  • Quality managers, scientists and technicians who are responsible for the quality control of pharmaceuticals and/or biologics
  • Users of qNMR
  • Students considering careers in analytical chemistry and quality assurance

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