Vitl’s Bespoke Lab Equipment Solutions Optimize Customer Methods


Since Vitl was established as an engineering company, it can produce custom-made lab products and software that are optimized for users’ methods. This article provides a few examples of how Vitl has customized its lab products in the past.

Adapter Blocks customized for VTS Microplate Heat Sealer

One of Vitl’s customers required an adapter block (Figure 1) to house a non-standard microplate type for a Vitl VTS Microplate Heat Sealer. Vitl modified the existing design of one of its standard adapters to meet the specifications of the microplate and produced a small batch for this customer. The heater plate’s height was also modified to enable another customer to use a higher disposable than was previously possible.

Figure 1. Customized microplate sealer adapter

Figure 1. Customized microplate sealer adapter

Reels of Microplate Heat Seals

When using an automated microplate heat sealer, the customer had selected a specific heat seal from the range of products offered by Vitl that suited their requirements. Then, however, seals were not available as reels, but only in boxes of 100 sheets. Working with the customer’s suppliers, Vitl created a bespoke reel of the relevant heat seals in a unique color.

New Shaking Mode for Ther-Mix

While the Ther-Mix Heated Mixer was being subjected to Beta trials, one of the trial sites found that their assay produced better results with a less controlled mix. Vitl’s engineers added a pulse mode by manipulating the Ther-Mix software (Figure 2). The pulse mode has now become a standard feature of the software. In this case, the Ther-Mix will be sold as part of a comprehensive test and allows the customer to use a single instrument only, as opposed to three individual ones.

Figure 2. Pulse Mode Ther-Mix Heated Mixer

Figure 2. Pulse Mode Ther-Mix Heated Mixer

Custom Heated Modules for Ther-Mix and Flexi-Therm

After launching the Flexi-Therm and Ther-Mix, Vitl will be providing custom Heated Modules. During Beta trials, Vitl has already received several inquiries and has now designed prototypes of some of the custom modules that are now being tested. This will supplement the already growing range of Modules for standard consumables such as micro-centrifuge tubes and microplates.

OEM Solutions for Distributors

Offering OEM solutions is another way in which Vitl customizes its products (Figure 3). The company’s distributors have the option of modifying labeling, casework color and display color so that the products are in line with their brands.

Figure 3. OEM solution Vitl VTS

Figure 3. OEM solution Vitl VTS

About Vitl Life Science Solutions

Vitl designs, manufactures and sells high quality laboratory instruments to compete with market leaders at an affordable price with unrivalled functionality, usability and style.

The growing Vitl laboratory products range includes the world’s best-selling microplate heat sealer- the VTS and its compact counterpart the MicroTS. Vitl also sell a range of foil and film heat seals as well as microtube pickers and programmable mixers and vortexers.

Vitl products was established in 2006 by the medical, diagnostic and analytical device design and manufacturing company Integrated Technologies Ltd.

As a member of the ITL group, Vitl benefits from the experience and expertise of a parent company that works with globally successful medical devices and laboratory instrumentation.

Vitl products are sold through a global network of distributors and OEM (private label) partners, managed by their main sales offices in the UK, USA and China.

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