Optimize clinical trials with Cerba Research high-end operational support

Locations have been strategically situated near the primary courier hubs to ensure that samples can be swiftly delivered from anywhere in the world.

Cerba Research has more than 35 years of experience overseeing intricate logistical trials. Even sites located in remote places can receive delivery within 24-48 hours. For facilities in Europe, the Americas, Australia, Asia and Africa, Cerba Research can achieve exceptionally short shipment completion times.

User-friendly, custom-built, complete collection kits promote high-quality data points. Cerba Research’s kits are made up of all the things sites need to ensure their samples keep moving, including native-language instructions, from documentation to deep-freeze shipping without dry ice.

Alerts are automatically sent to such sites to ensure that clients are aware of when their kits are close to expiry.

Optimize clinical trials with Cerba

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Cerba Research’s global study database: View all data in one location

Clients can gain access to clinical study results easily using Cerba Research’s online, secure platform. This remote, permission-based data access tool allows clients to search for specific study data and track any neglected data queries (DCFs). Reports can be viewed in as little as 30 minutes after uploading, and final reports are sent automatically in accordance with the client’s wishes.

Combining data from different labs is always a challenge. We work together with our labs, CROs, and sponsors. Making that marriage happen, that’s what I like to do here.

Frank Clottens Ph.D., Scientific Solutions Expert

As a partner, Cerba Research helps its customers provide new, life-changing therapies to patients across the globe. With the help of Cerba, clients can revolutionize the face of clinical development.

About Cerba Research

For over 35 years, Cerba Research has been setting the industry standard for exemplary clinical trial conduct. Today, across five continents, with a focus on precision medicine, we are changing the paradigm of the central lab’s role in complex clinical research.

From protocol inception through development and to market, our passionate experts deliver the highest quality specialized and personalized laboratory and diagnostic solutions. Partner with us for the most efficient strategy to actualize your biotech and pharmaceutical products sooner and improve the lives of patients worldwide.

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