Clinical trial efficiency aided by AI-driven insights

The world is becoming more and more digital every day, with artificial intelligence (AI) representing one of the most promising technologies arising from this digitalization.

As AI continues to mature, Cerba Research is leveraging its power to generate early insights ideal for protocol optimization, whether these are part of translational research, clinical trials or eventual commercialization.

Beyond its capacity for process automation, AI is key to providing maximum insight into available clinical trial data.

Cerba Research’s access to demographically rich data from across the globe allows the company to effectively compare patient populations, allowing its clients to locate a geographical area that contains the necessary eligible patient population to study an indication of interest.

The use of data-intensive, AI-driven insights can significantly improve clinical trial efficiency, reduce costs, streamline protocol design and enhance the process of targeted patient enrolment.

For example, extending the use of AI has enabled Cerba Research to better evaluate the efficacy of a treatment, determine the optimal biomarkers for a study and generate significant data from a patient population.

These advances frequently help reduce the number of patients required for a particular study, accelerating a program to market and maximizing any return on investment.

AI has vast potential to transform clinical trial data for the better. Working with a widely recognized and established company like Cerba Research is an excellent first step in developing new, data-driven insights.

These insights will not only benefit studies, but it is also anticipated that these will ultimately become mandatory as the clinical trials industry continues to move forward at great speed.

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