Next-generation sequencing (NGS) to empower scientists in the genomic revolution

The discipline of genomics has experienced an unprecedented revolution, boosting the understanding of health and illness and promoting the creation of customized medicine for better therapeutic results.

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a fundamental advancement in technology driving this evolution, permitting researchers and scientists to obtain sequencing data on a larger scale and at lower prices than earlier approaches.

Library preparation plays a vital role in ensuring precise sequencing outcomes within the NGS sample preparation workflow. NGS library preparation has long been a bottleneck in the process.

NGS library preparation is laborious and time-consuming, demanding numerous repetitive pipetting and incubation steps at the laboratory bench.

The introduction of automated liquid handling technology has opened avenues for streamlining NGS library preparation, empowering scientists to enhance the quality and quantity of output data.

Despite the involvement of multiple individual processes in NGS library preparation, employing multiple instruments that occupy significant laboratory space is unnecessary to automate this workflow.

Streamline your NGS library preparation with firefly

The dedicated all-in-one automated liquid handler for NGS library preparation, known as firefly®, combines various pipetting, dispensing, incubating, and shaking technologies into a compact design. With firefly, there is no need to sacrifice valuable laboratory space to achieve reliable results.

By adopting automated liquid handling with firefly, laboratories can achieve increased efficiency, data reliability, safety, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability in their genomics workflows.

The advantages of transitioning to firefly automated liquid handling are listed below:

1. Increased laboratory efficiency and throughput

firefly automates repetitive tasks involved in library preparation, reducing hands-on time and effort. Manual pipetting and mixing steps are eliminated, allowing scientists to focus on experiment design and data analysis.

2. Improved data consistency and reliability

Manual library preparation is prone to variations caused by human error, especially when scientists are fatigued.

Standardizing protocols with firefly significantly reduces the risk of human error, ensuring high-quality output data. Saved protocols can be easily shared across multiple sites or locations via the cloud.

3. Mitigating occupational hazards

Automating the tedious pipetting motion minimizes the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) for scientists and technicians. Additionally, firefly reduces the necessary contact with potentially harmful samples or reagents.

4. Maximize ROI with miniaturization

Automated systems like firefly can scale down reaction volumes without compromising data accuracy. This allows laboratories to generate more data from their budget, extending the use of valuable samples and reagents.

5. Create a more sustainable lab

firefly's innovative non-contact reagent dispensing technology minimizes the requirements for single-use consumables in terms of storage and usage. This reduces plastic waste and contributes to a more sustainable laboratory environment.

Case study: Fast & reliable automation of the NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina with firefly

NGS library preparation automation utilizing firefly has been validated with the NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA library prep kit for Illumina.

The validation demonstrates that the resulting libraries exhibit consistent concentration and fragment size distribution. Moreover, the automation process ensures there is no cross-contamination between wells.

Do you want to see the new era of NGS library preparation?

The automation of NGS library preparation is revolutionizing the work of scientists on a global scale. firefly provides a robust, user-friendly, and space-efficient solution to address the productivity obstacles associated with manual library preparation.

By utilizing firefly, scientists can unleash the full potential of NGS technology, enabling them to make groundbreaking discoveries that will shape the future of biology and medicine.

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