How can we achieve the most effective laboratory sample management?

Sample management is vital in maintaining experimental results' accuracy and reliability within scientific research and development. It encompasses various critical tasks, including identifying, storing, handling, tracking, and retrieving individual vials in the laboratory setting.

The integrity of samples directly correlates with the integrity of output data, making it an indispensable facet of any scientific workflow.

Managing samples becomes increasingly complex as the volume of compounds in the laboratory expands. This complexity is further amplified for those involved in the life sciences, where meticulous care must be taken when handling sensitive and precious biological samples that necessitate stringent storage conditions.

This article delves into the advantages of automated solutions for all aspects of sample management. These solutions empower laboratories to optimize their operations and attain dependable research outcomes.

What are the risks of poor sample management?

The consequences of poor practices or taking shortcuts can be substantial in sample management. Mishandling of samples can result in loss or damage, causing wasted time, frustration, and the unexpected financial burden of replacing valuable compounds.

The correct management of samples is paramount for safeguarding the integrity of your data, as errors in data integrity can have a cascading impact, potentially undermining the credibility and trustworthiness of your organization.

It is imperative to prioritize efficient sample management to mitigate these risks and ensure seamless laboratory operations. However, what specific factors should be considered in this regard?

Investing in robust and scalable sample management solutions sets you up for long-term security

A truly robust sample management system is essential for instilling confidence in samples and data. This is precisely where automation plays a pivotal role.

Automated sample management systems offer unmatched consistency and accuracy, effectively minimizing the risk of human error.

Automation relieves researchers of unnecessary burdens, enabling them to devote more attention to their scientific endeavors and ultimately enhancing productivity within the laboratory. The automatic generation of an audit trail simplifies information retrieval and troubleshooting, resulting in significant time and effort savings.

Another crucial factor to consider is the system's flexibility to accommodate the evolving business needs. Making intelligent investments in scalable and future-proof solutions ensures you are adequately equipped for long-term success.

By implementing the appropriate automated solution tailored to their workflows, individuals can effortlessly ensure seamless operations in their laboratory.

This is precisely where SPT Labtech excels – the company's team of scientific and engineering experts has developed automated solutions to simplify the laboratory experience.

Barcoding offers unambiguous sample identification, handling, and tracking

Uniquely barcoded vials provide a quick and reliable method for sample identification that is considerably more accurate and error-proof than manual hand-labeling.

When integrated with LIMS, barcode labels establish a comprehensive sample library accessible to all team members, enabling tracking of each sample's status and location throughout the laboratory workflow.

SPT Labtech’s BioMicroLab range of versatile and user-friendly instruments provides researchers with essential tools to efficiently organize barcoded samples by automating everyday handling tasks, including scanning, weighing, sorting, and labeling.

As the number of samples increases, these routine tasks pose a growing risk of productivity losses and human error. SPT Labtech’s intuitive solutions ensure accurate and up-to-date information is readily available.

Automated solutions for volume checking, weight checking, and scanning offer additional verification steps throughout the workflow, promptly delivering comprehensive quality control (QC) data for the sample library.

How can we achieve the most effective laboratory sample management?

Figure 1. Sample labeling, handling, and organizing are made quick and simple with our BioMicroLab range, which automates repetitive management tasks. Removing the burden from scientists drives productivity and reduces the risk of human error. Image Credit: SPT Labtech

The modular and flexible instrumentation allows users to select functionalities based on their application requirements. SPT Labtech’s BioMicroLab range also includes dedicated benchtop instruments for everyday standalone tasks, such as labeling, capping, and scanning.

This enables researchers to choose tailored solutions that address their unique needs, challenges, and available resources.

Painless cold sample storage and retrieval even at -80 °C

Researchers find themselves in situations where they need to locate a specific biological sample that they had previously stored in a labeled rack on the top shelf of the -80 °C freezer, only to discover that it is not present.

As they search through the freezer, the ambient air affects the temperature inside, prompting them to close it quickly before the other samples thaw, whether or not they've located their desired sample.

How can we achieve the most effective laboratory sample management?

Figure 2. Left: Traditional cold storage methods are prone to sample loss and damage, leading to frustrated scientists and compromised data. Right: SPT Labtech's vending machine-style automated solutions maintain sample integrity at -20 °C and -80 °C, and deliver samples directly to researchers without the stress of manual searching and retrieval. Image Credit: SPT Labtech

With SPT Labtech's automated cold storage solutions, inconvenience is eliminated. SPT Labtech provides robust storage and effortless retrieval of all samples within the researchers' portfolio.

Whether working with sensitive biological samples at -80 °C (arktic®) or more stable small molecule compounds at -20 °C (comPOUND®), SPT Labtech's vending machine-style solutions enable them to store, locate, and retrieve any sample swiftly and without subjecting them to unnecessary freeze/thaw cycles.

At the core of the offerings is SPT Labtech's innovative pneumatic technology for tube transport, ensuring that the samples remain stable at the desired temperature. This minimizes the risk of degradation or damage.

Both comPOUND and arktic are designed with a modular approach, offering flexibility and scalability. For those with limited space and resources, the new comPACT® -20 °C solution provides a reliable and efficient option for cold sample storage and retrieval, making it even more accessible.

Choose the right automated solution for your application to maximize security and efficiency

SPT Labtech's automated solutions for laboratory sample management offer a secure and efficient method of identifying, storing, handling, tracking, and retrieving samples. Selecting the appropriate solution or combination of solutions ensures long-term confidence and security in the quality of samples and data.

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