Exploring assay miniaturization with positive-displacement liquid handlers

The quantification and subsequent normalization of nucleic acids are crucial stages in numerous genomics applications. Typical quantification workflows utilize great volumes of expensive reagents and waste precious DNA. Furthermore, highly viscous DNA samples pose a challenge for automated liquid handling.

Substantial increases in throughput, in combination with decreased reagent expenses and sample savings, can be attained through the use of a dragonfly® discovery dispenser and a mosquito® pipetting robot.

Instruments and pipetting technology

The positive-displacement pipetting technology provided by SPT Labtech facilitates precise and accurate liquid handling, even for the most viscous or volatile liquids.

mosquito LV genomics provides multichannel pipetting in either 8 or 16 channels from 25 nL - 1.2 μL. It facilitates aspiration, dispensing, and mixing, making plate copies and serial dilutions.

dragonfly discovery is a non-contact dispenser that has a dynamic range between 200 nL and 4 mL. It can be equipped with either three, six, or 10 independent dispense heads.

Key benefits

  • Assay miniaturization offers a simple method to increase the number of technical replicates whilst minimizing the requirements associated with sample and reagent input.
  • Validated for use with the Promega Quantifluor®, Quant-IT™ PicoGreen™ and Biotium AccuClear™ kits
  • Excellent assay linearity and reproducibility across the DNA concentration range (0.05 – 20 ng/ml).

Exploring miniaturized DNA quantification assays with positive-displacement liquid handlers

Figure 1. A) mosquito tip design: disposable micropipettes with positive displacement pistons. B) dragonfly discovery tip technology: schematic of an aspiration and dispense cycle with a single tip. Image Credit: SPT Labtech

Materials and methods

The sample quantification workflow is displayed in Figure 2 and has the following steps:

  1. A 384-well assay plate is prefilled with the DNA quantification reagent utilizing the dragonfly discovery.
  2. Samples are relocated in triplicates from a 96-well plate into the 384-well plate with the use of the mosquito LV genomics.
  3. The 384-well plate is subsequently scanned with a BMG ClarioStar® reader, and the output results are captured in Excel, ready for normalization.

Exploring miniaturized DNA quantification assays with positive-displacement liquid handlers

Figure 2. Workflow schematic for automated, dye-based DNA quantification process. Image Credit: SPT Labtech

Validating miniaturized DNA quantification

The typical dye-based DNA quantification methods such as Quant-iT PicoGreen, Promega’s QuantiFluor®, and Biotium’s AccuClear were adapted and utilized.

Protocols were determined for miniaturized high throughput for each kit using only 600 nL of DNA sample in triplicate. The volume of fluorescent dye used was significantly reduced, as shown in Table 1.

Source: SPT Labtech

  Final volumes in triplicates
Manual volume Automated volume Savings
3-60 μL 200 μL 600 μL 10 μL Up to 100x 20x
<1000 μL 1000 μL 600 μL 10 μL Up to 1500x 100x
30 μL 200 μL 600 μL 50 μL 50x 4x


Samples and reagent input

Table 1 displays the fluorescent dye and DNA sample volumes required for each quantification kit alongside the manual and automated miniaturized protocols.


Exploring miniaturized DNA quantification assays with positive-displacement liquid handlers

Figure 3. Standard curves with lambda control DNA; either prepared manually at original reaction volumes as per the manufacturer’s protocol, or with mosquito LV genomics and dragonfly discovery at miniaturized volumes (see Table for details). A) Promega QuantiFluor® B) Biotium AccuClear™ C) Quant-iT™ PicoGreen™. Image Credit: SPT Labtech


This article demonstrates the effectiveness of the combination of mosquito LV genomics and dragonfly discovery for automation and accurate miniaturized DNA quantification using dye-based kits.

This method enables DNA quantification set-up in high throughput. It provides extremely reliable results while minimizing reagent costs and preserving valuable samples.

Exploring miniaturized DNA quantification assays with positive-displacement liquid handlers.

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