Adimea measures dialysis efficiency by determining the reduction in molar concentration of urinary excreted substances in the spent dialysate. Hence, Adimea provides an accurate measurement process for reliable and continuous control of the dialysis dose (Kt/V) throughout the entire treatment. Treatment parameters can be adjusted by doctors and nursing staff for the benefit of patients even during treatment. This allows the equipment to optimally support the execution of the treatment objectives.

The pioneering technology enables measurement in the spent dialysate. Because it continuously analyzes change in the molar concentration, Adimea is directly connected to the patient. On the basis of this characteristic, Adimea is a highly reliable and accurate instrument for an online determination of the current Kt/V value during treatment.

During therapy, the system - at the request of the user - generates a warning message in the event that the planned target value is not reached. This enables the user to carry out target-oriented adjustments to the treatment parameters – at any time during the ongoing dialysis.

Adimea utilizes the principles of spectroscopy for determining the reduction in the molar concentration of urinary excreted substances in the dialysate drain. A light source transmits ultraviolet light  through the dialysate. The particles contained in the dialysate, which were removed from the plasma during dialysis, absorb the light. This absorption is measured by a sensor  .

Functionality during the treatment:

The progress of the measured substance reduction provides a true overview of the administered dialysis dose. Depending on the effectiveness of the dialysis, the concentration of urinary excreted substances, and hence also the UV light absorption, reduces over the course of the treatment. The continual measurements result in a patient-specific curve which almost precisely corresponds to the reduction in urea.

Adimea processes this acquired information to determine, and clearly display, the Kt/V during treatment. 

The dialysis progress becomes apparent quickly and easily. The graphic display of the treatment progress and relevant parameters (selected treatment index, Kt/V and URR, actual values achieved, overview of and access to: treatment time / blood flow / dialysate flow) enables optimum user support at all times