Bencox ID Stem Femoral Stems-Cemented from Corentec

Corentec’s femoral component is a typical double-tapered, wedge stem, designed to suit the anatomical structure in the marrow cavity. The section is rectangular-shaped, which helps to ensure strong initial press-fit fixation in the femoral marrow cavity. There are 15 sizes from which to choose for developmental dislocations of a hip joint to a large marrow cavity.

In order to evenly distribute the compressive load onto the Proximal Fever, tha Distal Cemented Stem has a polished surface, and has double-tapered distal geometry. Also, to normalize proximal stress, proximally tapered geometry has bean applied to convert the shear force into a compressive load. A Proximal Groove has been added to distribute the pressure on the cement. The neck angle is designed with 132 degrees of ROM to fit the anatomical shape of the femur, and the neck shape has been improved for maximum prosthetic ROM. With 12/14 specifications for compatibility with existing ball-head, and stem corners, which feature round corners to prevent cement from cracking. Also, to ensure a self-centering effect within the cement, a centralizer has bean inserted into the distal part of the stem.