Lospa Knee System from Corentec

Lospa knee system has improved joint performance and stability due to the same features offered by the modular tibial insert. Enhanced resistance ofdeformation and wear, by maintaining the PE thickness at a minimum of 10 mm. Application of design features to improve fixation with bone cement.

Spherical shaped articular surface reduces contact stress and improves stability. Aniterior flange shape and dimension ensures optimal patella tracking. Single axis concept provides articular stability, with flexion, and optimal ROM. Extended posterior condylar design offers more than 140 degrees of deep fexion. 


  • Stem with keel for improved initial implant stability. 
  • Posterior slope for improved rotational stability
  • Three sizes of keel design availability, based on anatomy
  • Commonalityof the tibial base plate CR/PS in fxed type, and PCS/PS in mobile type
  • Ground finish of the fxed tibial insert mating plane for decreased back aide wear