Bencox ID Stem Femoral Stems-Cementless from Corentec

Corentec’s femoral component is a typical double-tapered, wedge stem, designed to suit the anatomical structure in the marrow cavity. The section is rectangular-shaped, which helps to ensure strong initial press-fit fixation in the femoral marrow cavity. There are 15 sizes from which to choose for developmental dislocations of a hip joint to a large marrow cavity.

A Ti-Plasma Spray-porous coating has been applied on the proximal part of the Bencox ID Stem to promote bone in-growth. The neck shape has been improved, and the Prosthetic ROM (P-ROM), has been expanded as well. Additionally, 12/14 specilications have been applied on the head, ensuring compatibility with exsiting ball heads. The proximally tapered geometry converts the shear force into compressive load, resulting in normalized proximal stress, and evenly distributed stress. Also, to provide rotational stability, a distal longitudinal groove has been applied on the proximal end.