Bencox Stem II Femoral Stems-Cementless from Corentec

Corentec’s femoral component is a typical double-tapered, wedge stem, designed to suit the anatomical structure in the marrow cavity. The section is rectangular-shaped, which helps to ensure strong initial press-fit fixation in the femoral marrow cavity. There are 15 sizes from which to choose for developmental dislocations of a hip joint to a large marrow cavity.

Based on clinical trials, the Bencox Hip System has proven to be superior to other artificial hip joints. There have been no reports of any complications invoking inflammation, dislocation of joint, or damage to the ceramic surface, from follow-up studies completed over a three-year periold. All of the cases showed results of highly solid fxation, while dsmonstrating excellent results in funchon, and patient satisfaction.