MGS300 Certified FTIR-based Continuous Emissions Monitoring System from MKS Instruments

The MGS300 System is a fully integrated and certified continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) based on high resolution FTIR technology. It is designed to monitor emissions from stationary sources such as waste incinerators, power plants and cement kilns and is able to directly measure the composition of hot, wet and corrosive sample streams without the need for sample conditioning.

Key to the system design is the MultiGas 2030 CEM-Cert FTIR analyzer, which is able to monitor multiple gas constituents over a wide range of gas mixtures. Its high resolution (0.5 cm-1) enables the monitoring of these components with minimal cross interference effects from water (up to 40%) or other potentially interfering elements. Also, the MultiGas' permanently stored, internal calibration spectra eliminates the need for costly calibration gas mixtures.

MGS300 is an extractive Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) system incorporating a MultiGas 2030 FTIR analyzer along with a number of performance-critical sampling components, including a sample probe (with integral filters), a heated line and an eductor pump. MultiGas gas cell and sampling instruments operate at elevated temperatures to prevent the condensation of sample species. The materials used in their construction (wetted parts) have been carefully selected to ensure that sample integrity is fully maintained and that no selective absorption or desorption of gas components occurs under normal monitoring conditions.

An automated control platform monitors and regulates all system parameters and continually logs conditions in an event list. Gas composition data is externally available from either a series of 4-20 mA analog outputs or an optional data transmission interface (DTI).

Features and Benefits

  • TÜV and MCERTS certified CEMS – proven capability to meet the DIN EN 15267-3 standard
  • Single FTIR analyzer used to measure main target emission species without additional analyzers
  • Direct analysis of hot, wet, effluent streams containing up to 40% water – no sample preparation required
  • High accuracy measurements using permanent reference calibration spectra – eliminates the need for costly calibration gas cylinders
  • Fully automated, turnkey operation with remote diagnostics – safe and reliable continuous operation
  • Easy to install and operate, with low maintenance requirements – low cost of ownership


The MGS300 System is designed for the measurement of gaseous emissions from various stationary sources including:

  • Waste incinerators
  • Power plants
  • Cement kilns
  • Large combustion plants
  • Turbine engines