MultiGas 2030 CEM Continuous Emissions Monitoring Gas Analyzer from MKS Instruments

MultiGas 2030 CEM is an FTIR-based gas analyzer designed for continuous monitoring of emissions in effluent streams containing up to 40% of water. Permanently stored calibration spectra reduces the need for costly reference gas mixtures.

MultiGas 2030 analyzer contains a 2102 Process FTIR Spectrometer, a patented, high-optical-throughput sampling cell, applications-specific analysis software, and an instrument-independent, quantitative spectral library. It incorporates a novel long wavelength thermoelectrically (TE) cooled detector for more accurate, highly sensitive measurement of most gases and vapors in high moisture streams (up to 40%), producing high resolution spectra (0.5 cm-1), enabling detection and measurement of components such as SO2, NO2 and NO, without removing the moisture.

Features and Benefits

  • Measures most target emissions with no additional analyzers required
  • Direct analysis in streams that contain up to 40% water, with no chillers or driers required
  • Permanent calibration spectra reduces the need for costly calibration gas cylinders
  • Linearized detector response nsures all instruments maintain the same calibration
  • Low cost of ownership, easy to install and maintain


  • Cement Kilns
  • Waste Incinerators
  • Power Plants
  • Large Combustion Plants
  • Turbine Engines