Quo-Lab HbA1c Analyser from EKF Diagnostics

EKF Diagnostics’ Quo-Lab HbA1c Analyser is a semi-automatic point of care device designed specifically to meet the needs of clinics and laboratories in situations where value for money instruments and consumables are a vital part of delivering diabetes care.

Quo-Lab's step by step instructions are displayed on a clear, multi-lingual display. Training time is thus kept to a minimum, allowing nurses and clinicians to concentrate on patient care.

The Quo-Lab HbA1c Analyser can store up to 7,000 patient results. Alternatively results can be downloaded to a PC using a USB cable or printed using the optional printer.


  • User-friendly features minimise training time
  • Step by step instructions on display
  • User selectable language
  • Just 4 µl blood required from finger prick or venous sample
  • Innovative blood collector allows easy and consistent sampling
  • Results within 4 minutes
  • Uses boronate affinity methodology which is widely recognised as interference-free
  • Measuring range: 4-15% A1c DCCT
  • Imprecision: CV < 3% at 7% A1c DCCT
  • Unaffected by Hb variants, which do not result in reduced erythrocyte life span
  • Traceable to the IFCC reference method
  • Barcode reader to scan calibration data, patient and operator ID
  • Stores up to 7,000 results
  • User selectable dual reporting. User can select % DCCT, IFCC mmol/mol, eAG mg/dl or eAG mmol/l
  • USB port
  • Optional label printer available
Quo-Lab HbA1c Analyser