Make the connection

Quo-Test and Quo-Lab now come with POCT1-A2 connectivity, QC and user ID lockout as standard. Record patient ID easily with a barcode scanner, or by using the new keyboard. Complete your patient records with new demographic information, such as family name and date of birth.

The new connectivity upgrade also features QC lockout functions, with three different QC schemes designed to enforce regular testing of QC materials (after a period of time, after a number of tests or at a defined time). Users can now add additional commentary to test results, via the keyboard or by selecting from a pre-defined list.

New features explained

  Updated Feature Advantage
Connect, store and recall results with ease POCT1-A2 communication protocol. Simple and industry recognized bi-directional communication protocol that enables you to feed patient results into your LIS automatically.
Increased patient demographic information Add patient ID, patient name, family name and D.O.B on all tests either by a barcode scan or via keyboard. Fast and easy recall of patient results, improves traceability across the entire patient population.
Enhanced security Trained user access control (user ID lockout).

Minimize chances of user error and adhere to institution protocol by restricting access to trained users only.

Prevent unauthorized users from accessing patient information.

Improved compliance QC Lockout Three different user defined QC schedules to enforce a regular testing of QC materials.
Result commentary Aditional commentary can be added to any test result. Gives the user pertinent information relating to the patient condition.