Biosen C-Line Glucose and Lactate Analysers from EKF Diagnostics

The Biosen C-Line by EKF Diagnostics measure glucose and lactate quickly and precisely in clinics, laboratories and sports medicine facilities around the world.

The Biosen C-Line requires minimal maintenance and uses chip sensors which have a long life span and are easy to replace. The backlit touch screen allows users to easily navigate the multi-lingual menu and adjust several of the system's parameters.

Each model in the Biosen range can store up to 1,000 patient results and provides connectivity to PC and printer. An optional bar code reader is also available.

Biosen C-Line Glucose and Lactate Analysers are available in two configurations: C-Line GP+: 5 sample positions and C-Line Clinic: 20 sample positions.


  • Multi-lingual touch screen display with step by step instructions
  • Just 20 µl blood, plasma or serum sample required when used with EKF pre-filled ‘Safe-Lock’ reaction tubes (1000 µl)
  • Results in 20–45 seconds  
  • Automatically detects presence of reaction cups
  • Chip-sensor system (no electrode membrane cleaning required)
  • Enzymatic-amperiometric method using chip-sensor technology
  • Measuring range: Glucose 0.5–50 mmol/L; lactate 0.5–40 mmol/L
  • Imprecision: CV ≤1.5 % (12 mmol/L)
  • Pre-filled ‘Safe-Lock’ reaction tubes eliminate manual dilution
  • Innovative needle and exchanger design eliminates cross contamination
  • 3 calibration modes
  • Dual channel option: Glucose and/or lactate results from one sample
  • Long sensor life: Glucose 60 days / 7,500 tests; lactate 50 days / 6,000 tests
  • Sample stable for up to 5 days (refrigerated)
  • STAT position
Biosen Glucose & Lactate Analyser