BMG LABTECH’s VANTAstar microplate reader is a user-friendly and flexible microplate reader with monochromators, filters and spectrometers.

The VANTAstar™ is a compact microplate reader that has been designed to offer flexibility and user-friendliness. This multi-mode reader offers the ideal detection platform for an extensive range of applications in fundamental research and life sciences.

The combination of BMG LABTECH’s patented dual LVF Monochromator™ system, UV/vis absorbance spectrometer and filters guarantees complete wavelength flexibility. The Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) technology integrated with a quick full-plate auto-focus also considerably enhances usability and allows a simple detection setup.

The VANTAstar is considered a perfect platform for any live cell-based assay owing to its atmospheric control unit, temperature incubation, multiple shaking, well scan and reagent injectors.


  • Reduced footprint
  • LVF Monochromators available for wavelength flexibility and performance
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment can be done with EDR
  • Quick full-plate auto-focus
  • Spectral scanning in absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence
  • Devoted features available for live cell-based assays
  • Improved luminescence detection with automatic cross-talk reduction
  • Complete top or bottom detection ability with automatic switch


  • Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU): provides the ideal environment for cell-based assays by regulating O2 and CO2 gas levels in the microplate reader 
  • Filters and Optic Modules: standard filters from 240 - 850 nm, filters and Optic Modules optimised for specific applications, and bespoke solutions are available
  • LVis Plate: microplate for low-volume DNA, RNA and protein quantification. It includes 16 micro-drop (2 µL) wells, a cuvette slot and optional performance testing features
  • Evaluation Plate: validates the optical functionality of BMG LABTECH microplate readers for quality control and/or qualification (IQ/OQ) purposes