First confirmed SARS patient given all clear

As reported by Xinhuanet, Beijing's first confirmed SARS patient has been discharged from hospital after being given the all clear.

The patient was a 20-year-old female nurse from Beijing's Jiangong Hospital. She had been displaying the typical SARS symptoms of high fever, coughing and sporadic trembling. The nurse was hospitalized on April 7th before being transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of the Renmin Hospital.

The Chinese Ministry of Health said background research had shown Li to have had a geographical connection with a SARS case in Anhui.

Li had been tasked to care for that patient from March 29th to April 2nd. It was during this time that Li first showed symptoms of possible SARS infection.

The ministry also noted that none of the people with whom Li had subsequent contact with have shown any abnormal symptoms.

99 people who had contact with Li have been released from medical observation.

Of the six remaining SARS diagnosed patients in Beijing only one is in a serious condition, whilst the others are recovering in hospital.

The Anhui patient, has also been confirmed to be in a stable condition and has had normal temperature for the last 11 days. Experts at hand in Anhui suggest the patient will most likely be discharged from hospital in a few days.

None of the people with whom she had close contact have shown abnormal symptoms and 89 of them have been freed from released from medical observation.


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